Drunken Email/Drunken Video

Tonight, I received the following email:

"I'm drunk and I think it would be a wonderfull idea to see how many words I can construe using only the letters of your name. A L L I E. Go. 


It was ALL A LIE if you can't get LEI'D. SHIT, THAT'S NOT REALLY A POEM IS IT?

Oh well, that's what you get. You're welcome.



Ps. I am not a parapalegic.

This is why I love you guys.  I have such a random-email-filled, wonderful life.  

Nikole's drunken email also reminded me that I promised to post a video from that one time  when I got impulse-drunk off of a bottle of cheap wine from Safeway and then went on an adventure on the bike path and wrote an angry letter to the Crap Blog Detective in which I called him a "douche bad."  If you want, I can post more footage of that night, but I think this short clip sums it up pretty well. 

P.S.  I'm totally going to get drunk with Nikole someday.  


Nikole said...

haha woman I totally love you & your face & I totally think we should get shnockered together!

dogimo said...

That video is hilarious! But I can't help but feel it might be even more hilarious if you don't explicitly mention you're drunk.

My instincts on this could be wrong. Because it's after all, it's already hilarious.

jgm said...
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jgm said...

drunken anything is always fun.

well, expect maybe drunken calls/emails/texts from stalkers/ex-boyfriends who won't leave you alone even though you haven't replied in years and you can't change your number because that would just be too much trouble.

sometimes i just ramble :)

Nikole said...

Ok, so I don't really know how youtube works but I was just on there watching your drunken slide video and I think I saw Mitch Hedberg in your favorites. If this is true, we are soulmates. I love Mitch. I would totally marry him if he wasn't already dead..

Cwybrow said...

I think my pug may be drunk. She just managed to tangle herself up in my skirt. I'm still wearing it. I'm grateful theres a lot of fabric to go around. I have to go rescue her now.

Christine @ The Dishy said...

I totally want to get drunk with Nikole too!

Wynn said...

I kinda want to get drunk. That's nothing new though, I'd just forgotten how it feels in the midst of stressful times. Hmmm..

Erin said...

I'm not sure that I've ever heard such a wide range of laughter before. If I hadn't been watching the video, I would have thought it was more than one person creating all that noise. So funny!

PS- Thanks again for your art work! I added your drawings on the side bar of my bloggity blog as promised! Check it out! http://tobin-tales.blogspot.com/

Coopie said...

giggle....i'm not drunk but I HAVE had a couple beeeerrrrsss and watching that video is SO FUN.

i heart your awesomeness.

let the nay-sayers nay!..cuz then they'll sound like horses! but since they're negative douch-bads, they'll sound like horses with a broken leg! and then we'll SHOOT THEM for being defective at life!!!!

JDick said...

so, this comment is like months after you made this post, but i just watched the video and your laugh is fucking hilarious (can i say fucking in your comment section? I assume I can) I just felt like i should say that.