My store is now open for business!  Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!

I have shirts, hats, buttons, stickers, aprons, dog shirts, bags, key chains, iPhone/iPod/iPad cases, mugs, mouse pads, and cards. Unfortunately, not all images are available on all products.

You can click on an image below to view all the products with that image on it!
Or CLICK HERE to view my entire store.

You can customize the style and color of a product by clicking any of the "Choose your style and color" options!  (Regrettably, the drawings don't always work on very dark backgrounds because Zazzle only allows me to make all of the light colors transparent or none of light colors transparent.  So you either have a grizzly bear with black teeth and pupils or a normal-looking grizzly bear in the middle of an awkward, white square.)